Services for Filecoin storage providers and clients

Twin Quasar provides infrastructure and opensource tooling for storage providers, data onboarding and Filecoin Plus notary services for clients.


Green Hosting & Manage Services

Twin Quasar and Celeste combined their talents to provide the best Filecoin Green certified hosting solution for the ecosystem. With 5 different locations in EU, 12.000kms of fiber and a strong Filecoin expertise, we provide the best infrastructure for your Storage Provider operations.

Modular datacenter

Dedicated and sovereign space that offers a turnkey solution for storing data. Ideal for Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Plan, Modulo Box is a range of solutions and products tailor-made for server rooms and modular datacenters on site or mobile
Have a Datacenter ready to use, anywhere
Free yourself of compliance
Move your stored data whenever you want


The best analytic and reporting tool for Filecoin storage providers

Security first

Data remains local, run under unprivileged user

Easy Deployment

Configurationless and lightweight

Industry Standard

Grafana + Prometheus used as third party libraries

Used by 50 %

of storage providers over Filecoin network

Protocol Labs

Sponsored thanks to the community and our long-term engagement in IPFS and Filecoin

Designed By and For storage providers

End-to-end conceptualization, design, and development by seasoned storage providers.


Filecoin Plus

free credits for clients to onboard data

Have valuable data and want to apply forcontact Datacap ? Feel free to reach out to us for more information or request Datacap to Filplus. We are one of the only two notaries trusted in Europe by Protocol Labs to grant Datacap.