Filecoin Green

certified datacenters

Twin Quasar and CELESTE have combined their talents to provide the best Filecoin Green certified hosting solution for the ecosystem.

Major telecommunication, cloud and cybersecurity operator for businesses, the first B2B pure player to operate its own infrastructure of over 10.000 km of optical fiber network in France and Switzerland, 5 ecological datacenters in Europe, 3 of which are ISO 27001 and HDS Certified, and 1500+ peering agreements.

Power Usage Effectiveness

Designed, built and operated using a unique patented ecological approach of free cooling concept
PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) down to 1.3, one of the lowest in the market
35% (6 GWh per year) consumption saved compared to conventional datacenters
100% of Filecoin rack consumption is compensated by our solar panels farm
Peak and nighttime hours are powered by 100% renewable energy


Leverage the CELESTE network with 1500 peering agreements (AS 34177)
Bring your own carrier


We say what we do, and we do what we say
Our Expert Team works transparently with you
With a right first-time approach


Best value for money
Predictable price with our 3-year capped price at 3% max

Local Filecoin Expertise

Involved in Filecoin since prior to mainnet launch, we have a 360° understanding of the Filecoin ecosystem.
We can support you as much as you need depending on your level of experience:
Local remote eyes and hands
HW and RMA
Managed Services

Filecoin Green

Filecoin green gold certification

Hosting your Storage Provider in our datacenter automatically gives you access to the highest Filecoin Green certification, potentially unlocking new benefits:
Green financing
Reputation scoring
Quicker data cap allocation for FIL+
Access to green deals / green programs

Our datacenters

DC1 – Marilyn – Paris

Two 300 m² towers, designed for redundant architecture. The best choice for Storage Providers looking for the lowest latency.

DC2 – Fil D'Ariane – Albi

450 m² at the heart of CELESTE's high-speed network. State of art ecological datacenters with ultra-competitive pricing

DC3 – Nantes

DC4 – Lausanne

DC5 – Zurich

Certifications and Standards

DC1 and DC2 hold the ISO 27001 and HDS Certification.

ISO 27001 standard is a reference in terms of information security. It covers all aspects of hosting-related activities within both datacenters, while HDS certification, based on the requirements repository for health data published by ASIP Santé, allows them to join the restricted circle of French sites authorized to receive data from professionals and health structures.